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Grammar School at Leeds

Alwoodley, North Leeds

Moorlands School

Far Headingley, North Leeds

The Mount School

Tadcaster Road, York

Cundal Manor

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We look for people who put their heart into what they do, and then help them to lead.

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Training Dates 2024

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We believe that by working together, we can actively drive change in our industry and make a difference to the lives of children across the UK. 

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We look for people who put their heart into what they do, and then help them to lead.

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Welcome to Carnival Week: 2nd January - 5th January

Step into our vibrant carnival wonderland! Packed with laughter, games, circus workshops, face painting, and an enthralling mini-parade, each day will be an adventure at our lively carnival.




Registration and Welcome Parade

Sports & Games

Carnival Relay Race: A fast-paced relay with a carnival twist.

Hula Hoop Challenge: Who can keep the hoop spinning the longest?

Circus Dodgeball: A dodgeball game with circus-style dodges.

Three-Legged Race: Compete with a carnival partner.

Sack Race: A carnival-themed race with potato sacks.

Ring Toss: Aim for carnival rings and win prizes.

Arts & Crafts

Carnival Costume Crafting: Design colorful carnival outfits.

Carnival Mask Making: Create vibrant masks.

Carnival Welcome Banner and Decorations Making

Special Events

Carnival Opening Ceremony


Group Storytime: Carnival-themed tales.


Registration and Welcome Parade

Sports & Games

Tightrope Walking: On pretend ropes for circus balance.

Clown Dodgeball: Dodgeball with a fun circus twist.

Circus Ball Juggling: Learn beginner juggling skills.

Cannonball Toss: Toss “cannonballs” into targets.

Circus Limbo: A fun and flexible circus challenge.

Carnival Bean Bag Toss: Aim at carnival-themed targets.

Special Events

Circus Show Talent Show

Arts & Crafts

Balloon Animal Sculpting: Craft balloon animals.

Animal Puppets: Craft and perform with animal puppets.

Circus Crafts: Make your circus props.


Registration and Welcome Parade

Sports & Games

Animal Relay Races: Run like your favorite animals.

Zookeeper Tag: Tag with animal-inspired rules.

Animal Balloon Pop: Pop balloons with animal prints.

Safari Scavenger Hunt: Search for animal clues.

Animal Parade Dance: Dance like different animals

Animal Bean Bag Toss: Aim at animal targets.

Special Events

Mini-Parade Showcase (Parent Welcome)

Arts & Crafts

Mini-Parade Float Building: Create colorful parade floats.

Carnival Poster Design.

Mini-Parade Banner Making.

Performing Arts

Spell Casting Workshop


Registration and Welcome Parade

Sports and Games

Carnival Sprint: Race with carnival-themed obstacles.

Carnival Obstacle Course: Navigate through challenges.

Circus Skills Show: Showcase learned circus skills.

Carnival Mini-Olympics: A mix of carnival sports.

Special Events

Carnival Extravaganza Spectacular: A grand carnival performance.

Carnival Treats and Awards Ceremony.

Carnival Scavenger Hunt: Hunt for carnival-themed treasures.

Farewell Carnival Carnival Games.

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